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Institute of
Global Certification

With IGC, Better Quality and Promising Future!!

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IGC Certificate verification

2020년6월 IGC인증기관 인정서1 2020년6월 IGC인증기관 인정서2

IGC is
the best certification institute for Product
and Management system to help customers
successful advance into overseas market.

To support this,
we provide the education and training session
for the expert who supports clients requirements
and conduct test and inspection process.

Contact us

tel 02-6749-070102-6749-0701

Business hours

AM 09:00 ~ PM 06:00

CE Electronic Device, PED,
Mechanical Products

tel 02-6749-116102-6749-1161

CE Medical Device Products

tel 02-6749-118602-6749-1186

tel 02-6749-119102-6749-1191

FDA Food and Cosmetics

tel 02-6749-070202-6749-0702

tel 02-6749-072002-6749-0720

FDA Medical Device Products

tel 02-6749-118002-6749-1180

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