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CI & Mark

01. IGC Logo (CI)

(주)아이지씨인증원 로고

    1) Corporate Identity(CI)
    The design of Wordmark emphasizes flexibility and simplicity, and by honestly processing the circles symbolizing the universe and the world stage, we wanted to present an innovative yet balanced image. In addition, the I, G, and C characters express the will to breathe with the world and contribute to human society by communicating the inside and outside through the divisions that are orderly located in the circle. The English logo design expresses the customer-oriented will integrating technicalism and humanism, and the image of a global company with a modern sense.
    IGC 로고 이미지
    IGC 로고 이미지2
    2) Form
    A) Basic wordmark The basic word mark is a form that combines orb and text and has a formative feature in which the text part is inherent in the background. Therefore, a plan for the application space must be preceded so that optimal application conditions can be maintained during application.

    IGC 기본형 워드마크

    B) Utilization Watermark It is a wordmark used in video, internet and outdoor media, and its use in print media is prohibited.
    The ellipse and the character part are separated, making it easy to express in three dimensions and minimizing the restrictions of the background space.

    IGC 활용형 워터마크

    C) Logo of IGC Certification Institute The logo of the IGC certification body is not a certification mark and cannot be used by customers.

    IGC 인증원의 로고

    3) Color
    Process Color
    C100 M80 Y0 K0
    All print media and products
    Pantone Color
    Pantone 286C
    All print media and products
    RGB Color
    R20 / G40 / B160
    For screens such as video, website, etc.

02. Quality Certification Mark

    ✨ Certification Mark Precautions for use

    You can use the Certification Mark and Accreditation Mark only when the certificate is valid.

    ✡ Certification marks and Accreditation marks can only be used within the scope that has been certified.
    ✡ The certification mark cannot be used in related documents such as laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates.
    ✡ Certification marks and Accreditation marks are never used by IGC certifiers in a manner that gives them the impression that they have certified a product or certified a process.
    ✡ Certification marks and Accreditation marks are not available other than those provided by IGC.
    ✡ No misleading expression can be made regarding certification.
    ✡ If the certification is suspended or revoked, no advertisement with a mark referring to the certification shall be made.
    ✡ If the certification terms are reduced, all advertisements must be modified.
    ✡ Certification marks and Accreditation marks may not be used in such a way that the IGC certification system is likely to be discredited or subject to public distrust.
    ✡ Certified clients can not use IAS symbol.

[ Certification mark download list ]

You can download the file by clicking the corresponding certification mark below.

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