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[Partner Introduction] RUS-TEST PACIFIC

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[Partner Introduction] RUS-TEST PACIFIC

RUS-TEST PACIFIC as the Korean Branch of RUS-TEST, a certification body located in Russia, is a certification body that provides professional services for certification services for certification of EAC and GOST in Eurasia including Russia, based on various information, knowledge, and technology.

[ The services provided by RUS-TEST PACIFIC for certification in the Eurasian region are as follows ]

•  EAC & GOST certification services

•  State Registration, Medical Device registration, PAC (Pattern Approval Certificate), Fire Safety Certification, etc.

•  Test performing and test report issuance services required for certification

•  Eurasia Representative service

•  Russian translation service for the documents required for certification, such as product description, document verification, and technical documents; and Russian interpreting service during the company audit

* If you would like to check more detailed information of Management System and other services, please find the attachment.



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