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ISO 46001: 2019 – Water Efficiency Management System

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ISO 46001: 2019 – Water Efficiency Management System
[ Introduction ISO 46001:2019 ]

ISO 46001:2019 provides guidance and requirements for building and maintaining a water efficiency management system. ESG management has emerged as the most important management standard in the world, and the demand for international certification for environmental conservation corresponding to E is increasing rapidly. ISO 46001:2019 defines a systematic water resource management system that can improve and manage water resource efficiency and includes training of necessary equipment and systems, processes, documents, and personnel.

ISO 46001: 2019 – 물 효율 관리 시스템
[ Necessity of ISO 46001:2019 ]

•  Water resources can be managed efficiently, reducing water-related expenditures

•  Can be applied to the latest trend, ESG management

•  Global standards can help informing the outside world that water management has been validated for efficiency, expertise and systematicity, thereby boosting the corporate image

•  Effectively managing water resources and contributing to environmental conservation, increasing corporate image, and increasing corporate confidence

•  Can respond quickly to various regulations related to water conservation

ISO 46001: 2019 – 물 효율 관리 시스템
[ ISO 46001:2019 Requirements ]

1. Scope

2. Normative references

3. Terms and definitions

4. Context of the organization

5. Leadership

6. Planning

7. Support

8. Operation

9. Performance evaluation

10. Improvement

11. Annex A – Guidance on the use of this document

12. Annex B – Examples of water efficiency scenarios

13. Annex C – Guidance on the development of a water balance chart

14. Annex D – Examples of business activity indicators

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